Welcome to My Rest Area

Welcome to My Rest Area

Next week we’re heading to Florida for Spring Break – twenty plus hours in a van with three kids and a lot of beach stuff… But one of things that will get us through, are the rest areas along the way. We’ll get off the busy road, hit the restrooms and stretch the legs for a few minutes before jumping back on.

This is what writing does for me. I’m on a crazy highway with marriage, family, travel sports, work, freelance projects, home ownership, yard work, etc. At times it can feel like I’m doing a thousand things, but doing none of them well. So when I find the time, writing is the “rest area” that allows me to pull over and relax. It’s in these moments, working on the book or blogging, that I find the most peace. Somehow I’m able to shut everything else out, stop multi-tasking and just focus on one enjoyable thing for a brief period of time.

What’s your rest area? Do you have one? If not, you might want to stop for a minute and ask yourself what it is that allows you to rest and replenish. If you don’t start adding those little things into your life you’ll keep heading 70 miles per hour straight toward stress and eventual burnout.

Give yourself permission to rest and stay healthy. Other people can benefit more from the healthy version of you…

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