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A Small Part of My Big World

IMG_3386My name is Daryl McMullen. I launched this site under the name “author.darylmcmullen.com” not because I’m a published author – but because it has been a hidden dream of mine since high school. After many short stories, magazine articles, one full manuscript and a lot of good ideas not put to paper, I finally got around to making it official…

I am a writer.

Not a writer by trade, but a writer still. I wrote when I was bored in high school, did a lot of writing in college (required…), completed a manuscript while working in the mental health field and I’ve blogged off-and-on for years. It seems I’ve always found an outlet for that creative little part of me. I find it calming and yet adventurous. I can get lost in it and then find myself at the same time.

This site simply affirms that writing is something I love to do. I have written in the past. I am writing as we speak. And hopefully someday I’ll be able to say, “I have been published.”

If You're Wondering

This Website Should Offer

1. Transparency

If people know a little about you, it helps build a bridge between them and your writing. This site won’t be an open door into the pit of my soul, but I think it’s good to have a level of transparency with your readers. That way people know you’re real. I expect you’ll learn a bit about my background, why I write and what principles guide me in life. 

2. Information

The main purpose of this site is to offer you, the reader, a chance to see what I’ve worked on in the past, and what I’m currently working on. Under the “Books” tab you’ll find the complete list. If you click on a specific book, the page you land on has a synopsis of the book, along with other fun facts and information on how it might become available electronically or in published form. 

3. My Random Thoughts

I’ve blogged a lot in the past. However, these posts were typically related to work, technology or family. But on this site, the blog is my blank piece of loose leaf. I have a worn pencil and I’m doodling thoughts, ideas and sketches related to the book I’m writing. Look for thoughts on my writing adventures, my writing process and even insider info on some of the characters and plot lines in the book. Comment on posts and you just might hear from me every once and a while.