Controversy Theory


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Working Title
Controversy Theory

Date Completed
May 2002

Pop Psychology / Spirituality / Self Help

Completed Manuscript / Unpublished


People have complete control over the way they respond to the life they are dealt. However, they are not able to control that life completely. Outside forces are at work – including some of the more negative aspects of the human condition. And nothing impacts the human condition more than the controversy, which can be defined as:

The battle that exists between God and Satan for the allegiance of every human being on earth – past, present and future.

The controversy isn’t specific to a location, region or people group. It doesn’t change based on race, gender or socioeconomic status. It simply exists and impacts everything that occurs on planet Earth.

On a macro level the controversy can lead to war, revolution and societal upheaval. On a micro level it has a daily impact on an individuals physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional health. And while we are capable of influencing the world on a macro level, we must engage the controversy on a micro level every day, in numerous ways.

Understanding the controversy is essential in helping people navigate the human condition. This includes:

  • Answers to the Big Three questions
  • Realizing nobody is exempt from the controversy
  • Realizing the importance of small, everyday decisions
  • Learning the role your conscience plays in the controversy
  • The eternal nature of our decisions
  • That the controversy will end

Controversy Theory is the solid foundation which defines the human condition. Once the foundation is set, one can begin to work on their own piece of the puzzle in the upcoming book Conscience Driven Therapy.